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Welcome. Here you can read my random posts which barely ever get uploaded. You can also see how I use Emacs, Linux, AwesomeWM and how I manage my notes, if I ever get around to writing an article about them.

I try to be funny, but usually fail. Sorry for that. If you don't like it, then leave, I'm not keeping you here at gunpoint.

This whole website is generated from Org files, which should be included in the git repo as well. I simply export them to HTML with org-publish.


I'm on various places on the internet. I procrastinate a lot. You can find me on Github, the Nixers forums, and some other places (think IRC, Element. and Discord). I don't have many other internet accounts, due to deleting most of them, which I may write about in another post (TL;DR: privacy concerns and the sudden realization that I'm wasting my time). If you want to contact me, feel free to email me, or send me a message on LiberaChat (Username is Specter).


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Note: RSS feeds

I'm going to add RSS feeds to my site soon. Sorry to all of you that only read blogs that have RSS feeds. I also use RSS a lot and understand your pain.

Author: Matei Cotocel

Created: 2021-11-15 Mon 18:56